Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lasagna Our Way!

My hubby and I often talk about choosing lasagna for dinner, but it quickly gets tabled for another day. The main reason is because up until now I have only known how to make lasagna one way! Growing up I always watched my mom make it. Her motto was make sure there is enough for everyone with plenty of leftovers! Well, we prefer to eat on the lite side and not having that overstuffed full feeling when we are done.

Not wanting to miss out on this delicious Italian delight it came to me one day to use my cupcake pan to create little mini lasagna's! I thought why not, let me give it a try....

Success! Not only were they extremely simple to create, tasted wonderful, everyone enjoyed, but we didn't stuff ourselves silly!

Just a side note, when trying these (if you do), lightly spray the cupcake pan with some olive oil "pam-like" spray so they come out easily without a mess! I used the Wilton circle cutter on my noodles & on my mozzarella cheese.

A wonderful suggestion from Ingrid was to be able to create a lasagna for each family member since not everyone loves the same ingredients (i.e ground turkey, spinach, artichokes, etc). This dish was a true delight and I enjoyed making it. I hope you enjoy!!~


  1. What a great fun idea! Even my grown up kids will love this and a great party idea!!!

  2. Thank you! I am so glad you liked the idea :D
    Another idea in the cupcake pan is to line it with Pillsbury croissant roll as the bottom and fill it with progresso weight watcher soup (drain most of the liquid- reserve for something else or drink it) and fold it over pinch, brush with olive oil and/or butter and bake...makes a nice little healthy pocket.
    Have a super day~

  3. you are a genius! I always make those with pepperoni and cheese but who would have thought of soup great job!

  4. I like your idea as well! Thank you...
    I think I am obsessed with food so any ideas I can learn from you...I totally appreciate!!~

  5. Michele, I love this idea!! This will be perfect for my family since Steve likes meat in his and I'd rather have plain or spinach.

  6. Thank you Cheryl! You could even use a loaf pan to make two (if you wanted bigger than the cupcake size)!
    Miss you on facebook...come back soon xoxo