Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Tri-Celebration!

Hello & Happy Thursday! Just a quick little note to show the most recent cake I made. I love that each cake and dessert I make, Mike gets more and more involved....! I am not sure if he really loves this or if he is doing it to make me happy. Either way, I am glad to spend the extra time with him and do something that I love!
Happy 20th Birthday Anjelica!
 This cake was a "gift" to my ex husband for his 45th birthday, his step daughter's 20th birthday, and his in-laws anniversary! I had no plan going in. No color scheme, nothing!

Happy Anniversary Dianne & Leonard!
I bought the wilton decorative flat plates with pillars, but I ended up not using those. I wasn't crazy about how they snapped and fit together. I used something that was purchased from a local bakery. It worked well & so simple to use. I also wanted to put roses over the entire top of the cake, but my lovely buttercream was a bit too soft to hold the shape of roses. I always have a full cabinet of confectioner's sugar, but this particular day I actually ran out! (That was a first)! So, I wasn't able to stiffen my buttercream. You know Reese and I ran out the next day and bought enough confectioner's sugar to recreate a snowstorm! lol

I forgot to mention, the only request Brian had was to put custard in between the layers. I used french vanilla cake, homemade custard, and buttercream. I was pleased with the outcome. I have a question though, how do baker's know what their final product tastes like if we can't cut a piece to try? haha I was so into baking that I don't even sample the cake that I cut off from the top (those get used for cake pops by the way which hopefully I will get to post soon)!

Happy 45th Brian
No matter what the occasion....its always a "celebration"!

 I was just told that today is National Chocolate Cake Day! So don't forget to indulge and enjoy in that wonderful piece of chocolate cake!

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