Monday, January 10, 2011

P90X Yoga day & I am back on track!

Surprise surprise! Guess who took a spur of the moment trip to Disney on New Years Eve? We did!!~
Happy New year 2011. @ Epcot

I had a really nice time. We met Nikol and Thi. It was very crowded, but we had a ton of FUN!
Reese enjoying the gingerbread house @ Grand Floridian

Mickey @ Epcot with Nikol & Thi

OK, time to get back on track.    No  success comes easy and not without a few slip ups, procrastinations and possibly a few excuses (who me??) hehe

Today I started my Yoga. Props to the people in this video because they are amazing! Flexible, capable, calm, and very inspiring! I am going to do part of this now and save the rest for tonight when Mike comes home so he can help me (last time we did this together he showed me that he is awesome in yoga)! I love learning new stuff about him. But then again I just LOVE everything about him.

Also just a side note, been working on some new sugar treats. Kentucky Bourbon Balls are a success. I don't mind standing in the kitchen until 1:00am hand rolling about 100 bourbon balls thinking anytime my back is going to break. Especially after hearing the few people that have tasted them so far say "Oh wow that brings back memories", "My mom used to make those, or my grandmother made those", and then see a smile on their face while they eat them. Then... HAHA the alcohol hits them... <3 Something about sugar and alcohol just seem uniquely refreshing. 

I'm a side note kinda girl so here goes another...GUESS WHAT MIKE BOUGHT ME (totally surprised me)... Well, quick story first. I was going to save up for this until next year. No clue it was on its way to my little ole kitchen. My mom had bought me a kitchen aid hand mixer for Christmas and I love it. I used it to make my rum cake for Tiffany (she is the only one so far that buys my cake). Well as I was walking into the house he said close your eyes (yeah, I was peeking) was a kitchen aid stand mixer!! Love~~ Love~~ & More Love!

I am in search for a few sweet treats to make and possibly share with others....Mike started looking at business cards with Hayley last night. I have the perfect name, just lacking the Martha Stewart experience, but hey, that's ok. I love baking. I love seeing people smile and enjoy delicious treats ...isn't that a start?

Have a beautiful Monday!!~

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