Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3 Always a Charm!

Shoulders & Arms tackled as well as another adventure with Ab Ripper! Woo Hoo! I am seeing a pattern of doing my work outs at bed time while my hubby watches tv and I am at the foot of the bed panting like im in labor! I like the audience as he glances up now and then I think it helps to keep me motivated and not skip anything pertinent.

I enjoyed shoulders and arms with my total of 16 pound weights! I felt the burn, as well as the pain! I have my goal in my head and so that is what I keep focused on. I am especially excited that I didnt wait until tomorrow to start all of this. There is just a certain taboo with starting a new year and making a promise! I am not that person and I will achieve my goal!

Side note to show we are all human and I am by far perfect! Met a girlfriend for a late christmas exchange. She gave me a bag of christmas M&M's as we said good bye at the car. You know the one's with the pretzel's inside? Yep, those! I opened them shortly afterward not even waiting until I got home. I had some self control as I only had about 2 small handful's. They sit in my freezer as I try to not think about them. Darn it why did I have to just bring that up! hehe

Today is Yoga. Its also New Year's Eve! Let me just tell you a little bit of info. I think in my mind my favorite out of all of this is YOGA! I would love to be able to glide right through it with ease, but its pretty tough! Last time I seemed to make an excuse each time Yoga came up, but this time I don't care if it takes me 2 hours I am going to get through it. Have you ever seen someone do yoga poses? They aren't easy! I am all about meditation, calmness, serenity, but just need to work on my that a word? hehe

not as easy as it looks! (not p90x)
yoga pose in the p90X

Happy New Year 2011!!  < * - * >

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