Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cake Success!

After getting inspired by that rainbow marshmallow cake (above), I ended up going in yet another direction. (Go figure)
I checked out a sewing blog. This blogger made her first fondant cake and I was totally impressed. I changed her flowers to my hearts and went up in size on the heart cutter. A few tweaks here and there and it was a success.

My hubby came into the kitchen and helped along with my little girl, Reese. Last minute he ended up pulling a Christmas diamond off the tree & used buttercream and pink sparkles to set it on the top.
cooling on wax paper
approx. 2 cups per bowl

After looking at the pictures, one of the things that I would have changed was using green hearts on top. Maybe purple would have matched better. The original plan was to go up the side of the cake with hearts in every color. The cake wasn't tall enough so I wasn't able to use all of my rainbow colors. Somehow green ended up on top all alone & nowhere else on the cake. It stuck out a little to me, but nonetheless I was still very pleased with the cake.

First time using Wilton fondant. I usually make my own homemade marshmallow fondant. What a treat it was to have such a perfect smooth cake!
This is Mike. I just adore him!

Mike's last minute sparkly addition ;)

Hayley took this picture. I love how the colors turned out :D

Have an amazing day & don't forget to check out the beauty all around you.... <3

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