Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oreo Balls

I was first introduced to Oreo balls by an Army friend. Her name is Kimberly. She came for a visit and called them inside out Oreo's. They were a huge hit!  She reminds me of a mini Paula Dean with her fabulous baking ability and southern charm!

Here we are way later and I am going to attempt to make them, but change it up a bit. That is one thing about me and my baking. I NEVER follow directions, I always have to add my own stuff, and I most certainly have to take pictures. Isn't food beautiful?

We start off with my sous chef. Her name is Reese. She is 6. Loves the color PINK. She is a vegetarian almost vegan. Been like that since birth and I'm pretty darn sure there is NO way that she will ever change. You know people say someday when she gets older she will like meat....I don't think so! She has even formed her opinion on leather. I guess I am the one you can blame (wait blame is for something someone's did wrong?)....I guess I am responsible for that life decision. Anyhow, she is here to help me make these Oreo Balls.
getting prepared & smiling
Reese crushes the oreo's up into a zip lock bag. She remarks that she is punching the bag hard as if she were hitting a boy. Girls? Where do they get this from?
The Reese method
Reese then pours them in a bowl adding one package of room temperature cream cheese.
Reese's favorite part
getting dirty & having fun!

Fun part: MIX time and with her hands! Feeling the ooey gooey oreo's & cream cheese between her freshly washed hands. I stand back and watch her with a smile. Kids like this stuff and let me tell you.....They will remember it when they get older! I promise you this! It will be a story they tell their kids. Hopefully one of many if I have anything to say about it!

Forming the oreo's into balls and placing them onto a cookie sheet with wax paper we stick them in the freezer to firm up.

Melt some vanilla flavored almond bark in a microwave safe bowl. You will roll your oreo balls in this to coat well. Stick back on wax paper & into freezer.

Melt some milk chocolate which you will drizzle over the oreo balls.

1) if you want shredded coconut, crushed peppermint, sprinkles, chopped nuts add these right after rolling the oreo balls in the almond bark so they have something to stick to and place in freezer to firm up.

2) if you are wanting a plain chocolate drizzle over the white almond bark then drizzle a small amount with a fork and place in freezer to firm.
 Pretty much you are done. You can use cupcake liners to put them into. Or if you have holiday cookie tins you can use those, too. If you are serving them for dessert at home take a white plate, drizzle with chocolate syrup in a pretty design and place a few in the center of the plate. For me its not just about the taste, but the presentation.

I am off to discover a grown up version of this with some type of liquor .....Have a Beautiful Day! <3

Reese & Her Daddy

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