Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day ONE Down! Day TWO Begins...

I did it! Its not usually a good idea to save your work out for the end of the night. Mostly because you will find just about any excuse to skip it.
This was not the case with me. I actually did the chest & back AND Ab Ripper! I feel very accomplished and its only day two. This is a good start! I didn't realize I had two work outs to do last night since its been so long since I did the p90x program. I think I physically took a step backwards from the last time I worked out.

Let me refresh. The last time I was able to use the actual pull up bar with a chair (assisted), this time I used the resistance bands tossed over the top of the pull up bar. (In his video he demonstrates both of those) Also I was able to do "10" push ups each time Tony Horton instructed it was time for a set of those. This time I did 10 each time, but for some of them I had to do push ups on my knee's (modified). He calls for standard push ups, military push ups, wide grips push ups, incline push ups, & dive bomb push ups!

Correction in my weights. They are 8 pounds each.

I really think this blog is going to help motivate me to carry through with this 90 goal! On a side note, I just picked up a huge bottle of Kentucky bourbon and pineapple rum for some upcoming desserts.

last time around (trying to do Yoga). Mike was WAY better!
Have a beautiful day!!~

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