Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My P90X Challenge......DAY 1

Good morning on this chilly day. I love baking alot! I also love staying in shape. I started the p90X a while back, but somehow I put that on hold....until NOW! I figured I don't have to just blog about what I bake. I can also keep track of my progress with p90x.

My hubby and I took before pics the last time we started. I am not sure if I should use one of those or take a new one since I may have gained or lost weight from that day....I can always add one in at some point during this process.

Tuesday December  28, 2010 Day One. I don't really want to wait until New Years to start this resolution because Mike seems to think it will set us up for failure since most people break those resolutions pretty quick. So on that note, lets begin today!

This kind of reminds me of Julia & Julia, one of the cutest baking movies I have ever seen. She feels unaccomplished so she sets a goal to bake through an entire Julia Child's cook book with a deadline of about a year. Fortunately (or is it unfortunately LOL), I only get 90 days!

So in 90 days, I have a pull up bar, a chair, a resistance band, a yoga mat, lots of water, p90X dvd's, & a pair of 10 lb hand weights that I picked up from the local walmart. There is a diet to follow & shakes to buy, however I choose not to follow it since I feel as though our daily consumptions are smart & healthy choices already. I will cut out 90% sugar, all diet soda & try not to eat past a decent hour.

Let me define what I mean by healthy choices: lean chicken breast, fresh & cooked vegetables, lentils, brown rices, tofu, fresh fruit in moderation & lots of water. We do not eat red meat, seafood, pork, & cream sauces so that helps.

My love for baking will never go away. I still plan on baking often! Most of the stuff I bake now I sample and then share among family & friends. I hope this goal I have set becomes a reality not so much for loosing weight and firming up, but just picking something and following it though until the very end.

Wishing me lots of luck....see you tomorrow with a report!

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  1. haha while looking at my facebook page this is what just came up in the news feed....

    Paula Deen
    I don’t really make New Year’s resolutions because I think I’m setting myself up for failure. I make promises to try. What's your promise to try in 2011?