Friday, December 31, 2010

Day 3 Always a Charm!

Shoulders & Arms tackled as well as another adventure with Ab Ripper! Woo Hoo! I am seeing a pattern of doing my work outs at bed time while my hubby watches tv and I am at the foot of the bed panting like im in labor! I like the audience as he glances up now and then I think it helps to keep me motivated and not skip anything pertinent.

I enjoyed shoulders and arms with my total of 16 pound weights! I felt the burn, as well as the pain! I have my goal in my head and so that is what I keep focused on. I am especially excited that I didnt wait until tomorrow to start all of this. There is just a certain taboo with starting a new year and making a promise! I am not that person and I will achieve my goal!

Side note to show we are all human and I am by far perfect! Met a girlfriend for a late christmas exchange. She gave me a bag of christmas M&M's as we said good bye at the car. You know the one's with the pretzel's inside? Yep, those! I opened them shortly afterward not even waiting until I got home. I had some self control as I only had about 2 small handful's. They sit in my freezer as I try to not think about them. Darn it why did I have to just bring that up! hehe

Today is Yoga. Its also New Year's Eve! Let me just tell you a little bit of info. I think in my mind my favorite out of all of this is YOGA! I would love to be able to glide right through it with ease, but its pretty tough! Last time I seemed to make an excuse each time Yoga came up, but this time I don't care if it takes me 2 hours I am going to get through it. Have you ever seen someone do yoga poses? They aren't easy! I am all about meditation, calmness, serenity, but just need to work on my that a word? hehe

not as easy as it looks! (not p90x)
yoga pose in the p90X

Happy New Year 2011!!  < * - * >

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Plyometrics- Whew!

Plyometrics: is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in sports.

As my body wakes up in much discomfort today, I can smile and say I did it! Last night was plyometrics which I defined above courtesy of Wikipedia. I have to admit I enjoyed it much better than the first day. This is probably because its fast moving and most of the exercises are in 30 second increments . As Tony states in the DVD anyone can do anything in 30 seconds right?

The program I am doing is called p90x classic version.
First 3 weeks I will repeat the same routine. Week 4 I change and only do that for week 4. Week 5, 6, & 7 it changes up again, Week 8 yet another, Week 9 & 11 / Week 10 & 12. After this I look forward to sharing my progress and quite possibly starting it all over again - we will see!

Have a wonderful day!!~

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day ONE Down! Day TWO Begins...

I did it! Its not usually a good idea to save your work out for the end of the night. Mostly because you will find just about any excuse to skip it.
This was not the case with me. I actually did the chest & back AND Ab Ripper! I feel very accomplished and its only day two. This is a good start! I didn't realize I had two work outs to do last night since its been so long since I did the p90x program. I think I physically took a step backwards from the last time I worked out.

Let me refresh. The last time I was able to use the actual pull up bar with a chair (assisted), this time I used the resistance bands tossed over the top of the pull up bar. (In his video he demonstrates both of those) Also I was able to do "10" push ups each time Tony Horton instructed it was time for a set of those. This time I did 10 each time, but for some of them I had to do push ups on my knee's (modified). He calls for standard push ups, military push ups, wide grips push ups, incline push ups, & dive bomb push ups!

Correction in my weights. They are 8 pounds each.

I really think this blog is going to help motivate me to carry through with this 90 goal! On a side note, I just picked up a huge bottle of Kentucky bourbon and pineapple rum for some upcoming desserts.

last time around (trying to do Yoga). Mike was WAY better!
Have a beautiful day!!~

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My P90X Challenge......DAY 1

Good morning on this chilly day. I love baking alot! I also love staying in shape. I started the p90X a while back, but somehow I put that on hold....until NOW! I figured I don't have to just blog about what I bake. I can also keep track of my progress with p90x.

My hubby and I took before pics the last time we started. I am not sure if I should use one of those or take a new one since I may have gained or lost weight from that day....I can always add one in at some point during this process.

Tuesday December  28, 2010 Day One. I don't really want to wait until New Years to start this resolution because Mike seems to think it will set us up for failure since most people break those resolutions pretty quick. So on that note, lets begin today!

This kind of reminds me of Julia & Julia, one of the cutest baking movies I have ever seen. She feels unaccomplished so she sets a goal to bake through an entire Julia Child's cook book with a deadline of about a year. Fortunately (or is it unfortunately LOL), I only get 90 days!

So in 90 days, I have a pull up bar, a chair, a resistance band, a yoga mat, lots of water, p90X dvd's, & a pair of 10 lb hand weights that I picked up from the local walmart. There is a diet to follow & shakes to buy, however I choose not to follow it since I feel as though our daily consumptions are smart & healthy choices already. I will cut out 90% sugar, all diet soda & try not to eat past a decent hour.

Let me define what I mean by healthy choices: lean chicken breast, fresh & cooked vegetables, lentils, brown rices, tofu, fresh fruit in moderation & lots of water. We do not eat red meat, seafood, pork, & cream sauces so that helps.

My love for baking will never go away. I still plan on baking often! Most of the stuff I bake now I sample and then share among family & friends. I hope this goal I have set becomes a reality not so much for loosing weight and firming up, but just picking something and following it though until the very end.

Wishing me lots of luck....see you tomorrow with a report!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oreo Balls

I was first introduced to Oreo balls by an Army friend. Her name is Kimberly. She came for a visit and called them inside out Oreo's. They were a huge hit!  She reminds me of a mini Paula Dean with her fabulous baking ability and southern charm!

Here we are way later and I am going to attempt to make them, but change it up a bit. That is one thing about me and my baking. I NEVER follow directions, I always have to add my own stuff, and I most certainly have to take pictures. Isn't food beautiful?

We start off with my sous chef. Her name is Reese. She is 6. Loves the color PINK. She is a vegetarian almost vegan. Been like that since birth and I'm pretty darn sure there is NO way that she will ever change. You know people say someday when she gets older she will like meat....I don't think so! She has even formed her opinion on leather. I guess I am the one you can blame (wait blame is for something someone's did wrong?)....I guess I am responsible for that life decision. Anyhow, she is here to help me make these Oreo Balls.
getting prepared & smiling
Reese crushes the oreo's up into a zip lock bag. She remarks that she is punching the bag hard as if she were hitting a boy. Girls? Where do they get this from?
The Reese method
Reese then pours them in a bowl adding one package of room temperature cream cheese.
Reese's favorite part
getting dirty & having fun!

Fun part: MIX time and with her hands! Feeling the ooey gooey oreo's & cream cheese between her freshly washed hands. I stand back and watch her with a smile. Kids like this stuff and let me tell you.....They will remember it when they get older! I promise you this! It will be a story they tell their kids. Hopefully one of many if I have anything to say about it!

Forming the oreo's into balls and placing them onto a cookie sheet with wax paper we stick them in the freezer to firm up.

Melt some vanilla flavored almond bark in a microwave safe bowl. You will roll your oreo balls in this to coat well. Stick back on wax paper & into freezer.

Melt some milk chocolate which you will drizzle over the oreo balls.

1) if you want shredded coconut, crushed peppermint, sprinkles, chopped nuts add these right after rolling the oreo balls in the almond bark so they have something to stick to and place in freezer to firm up.

2) if you are wanting a plain chocolate drizzle over the white almond bark then drizzle a small amount with a fork and place in freezer to firm.
 Pretty much you are done. You can use cupcake liners to put them into. Or if you have holiday cookie tins you can use those, too. If you are serving them for dessert at home take a white plate, drizzle with chocolate syrup in a pretty design and place a few in the center of the plate. For me its not just about the taste, but the presentation.

I am off to discover a grown up version of this with some type of liquor .....Have a Beautiful Day! <3

Reese & Her Daddy

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cake Success!

After getting inspired by that rainbow marshmallow cake (above), I ended up going in yet another direction. (Go figure)
I checked out a sewing blog. This blogger made her first fondant cake and I was totally impressed. I changed her flowers to my hearts and went up in size on the heart cutter. A few tweaks here and there and it was a success.

My hubby came into the kitchen and helped along with my little girl, Reese. Last minute he ended up pulling a Christmas diamond off the tree & used buttercream and pink sparkles to set it on the top.
cooling on wax paper
approx. 2 cups per bowl

After looking at the pictures, one of the things that I would have changed was using green hearts on top. Maybe purple would have matched better. The original plan was to go up the side of the cake with hearts in every color. The cake wasn't tall enough so I wasn't able to use all of my rainbow colors. Somehow green ended up on top all alone & nowhere else on the cake. It stuck out a little to me, but nonetheless I was still very pleased with the cake.

First time using Wilton fondant. I usually make my own homemade marshmallow fondant. What a treat it was to have such a perfect smooth cake!
This is Mike. I just adore him!

Mike's last minute sparkly addition ;)

Hayley took this picture. I love how the colors turned out :D

Have an amazing day & don't forget to check out the beauty all around you.... <3

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hayley's Birthday!

Today Hayley celebrates her 14th birthday!! She has requested a lady gaga cake. Not an easy task, but I think I may have something she will love just as much! When I was searching for ideas and put in Lady Gaga this one cake came up with rainbow marshmallows! It looks so pretty. I am even going to make the center rainbow. I am going to attempt this cake for her Sunday family gathering.
 Have a beautiful day!